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Challenge for Environment
Challenge for Environment
The style of the correspondence of "an environment issue" becomes a core of the corporate philosophy & posture, now.
We advocate "contribution to environment" as our corporate philosophy and introduce "an environmental management system" based on the standard by a Miyako Agenda 21 forum in order to contribute to our community.

Declaretion of environment
We recognize that maintenance of global environment is one of the most important issue of human commonness, nominate all of our organizations to make an effort for reduction of environmental load.

We will promote environment management activity which based on a voluntary policy for KES management system certification in order to reduce environmental impact from our production and sales, and aim at harmony with global environment.

Official Trade Mark of KES
Official Trade Mark
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Miyako Agenda 21 Forum Web Site
Miyako Agenda 21 Forum
Web Site

We introduce solar power generation system.
According to the induction former maker document, solar power generation system can save oil of about 660 gallons/ year, and it can reduce carbon dioxide equivalent about 37 camphor trees of a diameter of 4 inches.
Quantity of concrete electricity with a catalogue value assumes 10.162kWh in a year.
In addition, we are going to replace a business hybrid car of low environment load sequentially, and restrain consumption of fossil fuel with aiming at society contribution through environment and carry it out.

Rooftop solar panel Electric power generating panel

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